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Electronic Deliverable Format (LABEDF) 1.2i
Format specifications describing a laboratory report.

Electronic Deliverable Format (LABEDF) 1.2i
EDF is a type of data standard that is frequently employed to transfer environmental data between organizations.  The first version of the standard was published in 1994 for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and is now widely used by the environmental community by both private and public organizations, including the State of California.
Each EDF data standard describes data format specifications for information that is routinely delivered between organizations in a paper form.  For example the LABEDF specifications represent an environmental laboratory report, the COCEDF represents a chain-of-custody, etc.  Although LABEDF data will not look like a laboratory reports, its contents includes all the information required to reconstruct the laboratory document.   More importantly, the data may be combined with data from many other laboratories into a database without additional manipulation.