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Software is available from the EDF Help Desk to both load data into the EDF standard formats and check the data for conformance to the EDF standard.


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The Electronic Deliverable Consistency Checker - EDCC, Version 1.2i, and checks LABEDF data prints an error report. The error report indicates any errors or warnings within the given data set, based upon the EDF database structure, guidelines and restrictions, valid values, and policy issues. The error report also indicates the nature of each error or warning, so that the laboratory can correct it. Laboratories are required to provide an error free EDCC report with each EDF submittal.

EDCC Software to check LABEDF

The Corps of Engineers Loading Tool - COELT, Version 1.2a, program places laboratory data into a standard format, facilitating the efficient and accurate transfer of data between the laboratory and the end user. Data can either be entered manually or imported from a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) format. COELT helps the user enter data, find errors, and comply with the laboratory data requirements of the Electronic Deliverable Format (EDF).

COELT Software to create LABEDF