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Various data fields in the EDF require entry of valid values. Valid values are built-in codes that the format requires for certain fields, such as contractor names, matrices, and laboratories. The reason for using specific values for these fields is to standardize  data entry, to ensure data consistency and prevent errors. Freely entered data might contain extra spaces, commas, or dashes that would make meaningful data manipulation and thorough or accurate data searches impossible.

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Valid Value - 45 day TAT
(limited to 2 per month)

Free when requested by the 15th of the prior month will be included in the next month's Valid Value Update.
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Group Purchase of Valid Values
10 - Valid Values with 7-day TAT

 10 Codes for $200

5 - Valid Values with 72-hour TAT

 5 Codes for $275

3 - Valid Values with 24-hour TAT

 3 Codes for $375